A great step has to be taken to Revolutionize Islam. In spite of all the global conflicts involving Islam and other ethnicity’s or religions, what’s going on with our Ummah? Why are we so divided? It is the role of Ummah to come-forward and think deeply were we are misleading towards! Let me put up some points, where we can change Ourself to better Islamic future.

  • First of all our Great Ulemahs of the world have to come to a common platform to guide and show the Muslim Ummah to the right path of Islam and Sunnah.

  • Secondly, there should be one common Qirat” UL Azaan to all mosque’s all over the world. Nowadays Mouzan wants to finish the Azaan as soon as possible in every mosque here in India lasting 2-3 minutes. The Qirat” UL Azan plays a vital role in believers and Un-believers to purify his soul and body and run towards Islam. I am adding the video of best Azan I have found it on the Internet. Please it’s a request to all Muslim Ummah to come forward for better Azan in our mosque’s.

  • There should be strive and struggle between our Muslim brotherhood all over the world to try to speak in Arabic language, all the Islamic countries and people leaving outside Islamic countries should try to learn and speak Arabic and educate their Children for speaking Arabic. It’s a biggest sign of Muslim brotherhood who can speak Arabic when they meet in any part of the world like English. Site for learning Arabic

  • Its and duty of all Muslims to preach & practice his religion. In today’s Technological era, even a Deaf and Dumb can preach his own religion. Every Ummah knowing some kind of information on Islam should share it with one another whether he is a believer or Un believer. 

  • In today’s world every Muslim Ummah (generally young generation), would love to die for his Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), but following his Sunnah in daily life is just opposite of deign on our beloved Prophet. May ALLAH give all of us Hidayah to follow our Prophet Muhammad life in our daily practice (Aameen).  

Sunnah of Prophet LIFE (In the Light of Science)

  • In my opinion one has to start giving Islamic education to the child from the very small age of 2-7yrs. This period is the very best time for learning & molding a child. This period is full of innocence of Child, whatever thought and teaches to the child will catch up soon, or after the age of seven there may be influence of Satan in child’s life and He may be learning non-islamic etiquette and activities through Television or other Society influenced activities. So, to start child education from the childhood is the best period for molding a child in Islamic way.

  • Every Muslim Ummah should read the Holy Quran with recitation, reading Quran with recitation will empowers one’s knowledge towards Islam. It’s my request to all Muslim Ummah to read the Quran and recite in his own language to better understand Islam, and it’s my request Islamic publishers, now the time has come to publish each and every Quran & “Juz-un” or Para’s (30 parts of Quran) to be published with translation of the best language of his country. And its request to all Muslim Ummah to purchase Quran & Sipara’s with translation in which he is best spoken.  

  • To convey the message of ISLAM to one another one has to take responsibility of performing it. For Ex: If a businessman is doing some kind of business should display a poster in his shop regarding sunnah of prophet Muhammad (pbuh), on that business and Billing receipt should also carry the message of sunnah. In this respect each & every Muslim brother involve in any kind of business or activity should take responsibility of passing the message of ISLAM & SUNNAH, this way we can guide the Muslim Ummah to the right path of Islam. 

  • Islamic has thought wearing of clothes for Men & Women following the Sunnah of Muhammad (pbuh), when it comes of wearing cloth’s in Islamic form naturally it comes in mind of Women’s clothing (Hijab) but I am talking about Men’s it was narrated from Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him) that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said; “Whatever of the lower garment is beneath the ankles will be in the Fire. So it is not at all permissible in Islam to wear bottom part of the body like pants, etc. to be wearing below the ankles. It should be above the ankle’s in daily life not only in Prayers. For more information read ISLAMIC FESTIVALS & EVENTS page SHAB-E-BARAAT article…..

  • New technological Gadgets available in market like Mobile’s, I Pods and other products, etc, changes one’s life using it, every young generation using such Gadgets uses mostly for Un-Islamic activities. Why should not one changes the product to be Muslim. I mean the use of same product for Islamic activity downloading the best Islamic information into the Gadget for one’s better Life and gaining knowledge of Islam.

If you want to give your own opinions about How to Revolutionize Islam. Please give suggestions with your Name, City and Country If it is likable I can publish your message with your name, city and country at akkhan26@gmail.com



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